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Why purchase a dash cam for your car? Dash Cams can record what really happened during a car accident, an incident of road rage, animals running in front of the car, meteors streaking across the sky, or any number of things. A photo can not be argued with or dismissed as a faulty memory. What about that policeman who unjustly stops a driver and acts inappropriately? There are countless times when a visual record makes sense.

One brand to consider is Blackvue Dash Cams Available at CanadaDashCam.com. But wait, what is a dash cam? A dash cam is a camera that goes on the car’s dashboard that takes videos of events happening near the car. There are dash cam sets with both front and rear capabilities, and speakers for audio input. Some have GPS tracking and connections to mobile devices and Wi-Fi. These are small units that do a big job. The blackvue¬†why buy a dash cam pricing makes them affordable.

Recording Car Accidents

Car accidents are just terrible to experience, even if no injuries are involved. What if the other driver becomes threatening or claims you are to fault instead of him? A visible dash cam can avoid the whole blame game. The event has been photographed as it happened. Another frustrating car damage event happens while it is parked and the driver is gone. If the dash cam is left on, powered by its backup batteries, it can record who did the damage. Then, there are those insurance fraud type accidents when a person jumps in front of the car hoping to get hit and collect insurance money. Dash cams can show that this was not the driver’s fault.

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Documenting Road Trips And Driving Skill

Some drivers like everyone to know what great drivers they are. Now they can record times their skills are showcased and show the video to friends. Recording fun, amusing, or exciting events that happen during a road trip can be fun. When trips are being taken where there is beautiful scenery, the video will be a good keepsake of the journey.

Capturing Those Unexpected, Unbelievable Events, Or Scenes

The herd of deer that crossed the road right in front of the car, or the huge bear sitting in the middle of the road are examples. What if the driver witnesses a crime or bad accident? The tornado barreling toward the road or the golf ball sized hail that came out of nowhere should have been recorded. What about that incredible sunset on the way home from work? Catching the local cops speeding or driving illegally would be a dream video for some. Once the cameras are installed, there will be pictures crying out to be taken. For more information, go to the website.

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